The Thyroid Fixer

Mitochondrial Function and the Thyroid with Dr. Sam Shay

October 05, 2021 Episode 138
The Thyroid Fixer
Mitochondrial Function and the Thyroid with Dr. Sam Shay
Show Notes

Did you know that mitochondrial function and thyroid function are related.

Dr. Shay walked his own health journey from being chronically unwell from age 6-18, including severe fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, chronic pain, severe insomnia, and poor nutrition. He dedicated his life to natural medicine to get himself and others well, which led him to functional medicine and functional testing.

Dr. Shay is a creator of The 10 Pillar Method to properly assess the most important and most commonly missed components of health and wellness. Too many well-meaning people chase the latest 'hack' or 'trick' or 'supplement' or 'gadget' yet never fully grasp the 30,000 foot view using the lens of the "10 Pillars of Health".

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